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    Myself and another are looking for a furnished 2BR apartment in Chengdu. Does anyone have any recommendations for apartment sites, as well as the procedure and potential pitfalls of renting? We plan to come to Chengdu to live on August 9


    This was just posted yesterday, maybe it’s of interest to you. It’s a great location.


    The procedure is as follows.

    If you use a leasing and renting company they will act as the middle man between you and the landlord the advantage of this you can find a person that can speak a little English but the disadvantage is it will cost you more.

    If you have a friend that can speak Chinese then you can get a much better deal from the landlord.

    You book a appointment to go see the apartment that you want to rent and inspect it.

    If you and the landlord agree on a price he will prepare a rental contract.

    The contracts duration usually start off minimum 6 months ,more commonly 1 or 2 years. Most landlords require you to pay 6 months up front and 1 month rent as deposit so if your monthly rent is 2000 Rmb per month then you pay 12 000 Rmb + 2000 Rmb Then in 6 months time you pay another 12 000 Rmb if you rent for another 6 months.

    The documents you need from them and need to check:

    Their ID card and request a copy of it.

    Their Registration booklet (a red a5 book that says they own the house) and a copy of it.(Check the name and ID number match , also check the address matches with the physical address you renting and the address on the lease.

    The documents the landlord can ask for :

    Your passport copy and a copy of your visa(I have only been asked once for copy of visa mostly just copy of passport).

    Best get your employer to help you  to rent a place for the first time, some places are cheap but a logistical nightmare ,because it might be far from work or always have traffic jams and no nearby subways.



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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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