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    I will be moving to Chengdu in August for at least a year. I understand that most hairdressers in China are not used to working with western hair, and I have not been able to locate online a hair salon that caters to western women who need their hair bleached and coloured. Are there any that you could recommend?

    Avatar photoCharlie

    I’d be surprised if you can find a hair salon that caters to foreign women specifically, but any reasonably high-end salon should have everything you need. If you have difficulty with communication you might want to bring a Chinese friend with you but otherwise I don’t think you’ll have too much difficulty.

    There are more and more high-end salons in Chengdu these days also, so you’ll have many to choose from.

    Avatar photoSascha

    there are some nice high end salons on Tongzilin Road just south of the Kempinsky Hotel

    Avatar photoBrent

    I heard there was a ‘Toni and Guy’ in Chengdu?

    Avatar photoBrendan

    The a:Jie chain seems to be a good bet. I’ve been going there since I arrived in Chengdu. I believe there is a Toni & Guy recently opened, but there’s also a completely bogus ‘Toni & Guy’ that I made the fruitless journey to (I forget where exactly it was now, it showed up on a google search!), so research that.

    I’m learning that stylists here appear to cut cautiously, relying on product for ‘styling’, so make sure you don’t get left with a mass of frizz atop your bonce!!

    If you find somewhere decent, share it.

    Avatar photoshinichi

    Tongzilin is a good place, there are many salons. I like 世纪精剪.

    Just in Hairdressing schools, I know East and West have different hair trends. But here, the distinction is between the materials used.

    Avatar photoCharlie

    What is Tony & Guy? Is that a well known chain somewhere?

    Avatar photoBen

    Toni & Guy is a famous worldwide chain of salons originating from the UK. It’s also an international hair care brand, owned by Unilever in the US.

    Google “toni & guy chengdu” for the correct store location.

    Avatar photozkoch

    I’m pretty sure it’s in the Louis Vuitton building close to Tianfu Square. Standard cut (for a guy) is 280 RMB. I think for women it starts around 8 bajillion.

    Avatar photolaisa

    Thanks for all your help. I feel much more confident now, and will check out all the places you suggested before I make a decision. 8 bajillion? Sounds like home!

    Avatar photoVincent

    I accidently ran into the Tony&Guy hair salon recently. It’s indeed in the Yanlord Landmark (LV building, Renmin Nan Lu near Tianfu Sq) like zkoch said. If I remember correctly it was around the 3rd of 4th floor, right in front of u when you get upstairs with the automatic stairway.

    Looked sick nice and probably pretty expensive. If I had any hair I would definately give it a shot though.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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