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    Avatar photoAnne Zhou


    I’ll be in Chengdu this summer for an internship, but while I’m there, I also want to improve my Chinese proficiency.

    I test at an Intermediate-High on the OPI and want to reach an advanced low.

    Anyone know where I can take weekly lessons at a language center somewhere or know a Chinese tutor? What are the rates like usually for a tutor and for classes?



    Avatar photoCharlie

    The rates are usually around 70-80 yuan per hour from what I can tell, there are a few language centers to look into. One is Mandarin Club and another is Chinese Corner. There are probably others as well, arranging 1 to 1 classes is easy.

    Avatar photoWill

    If you’re looking to improve only your spoken Chinese, I know a very good, cheap Skype tutor. If you buy in bulk (20, 50, 100) classes, you can get the per class rate down to about 40, 45 yuan. PM if you’re interested.

    Avatar photoJulian09

    I’m currently working with Echo at the Mandarin Club, and she’s been great for me. She also teaches English to foreigners at one of the local unversities. She’s very personable and seems to quicklly adapt to what the student’s needs are. The Mandarin Club is just about a 5min walk from the Tongzilin metro stop B, inside the white gates of Orchard Villa (I think that’s the name of the housing area). Tina is the manager of the Mandarin Club, though, and she schedules available teachers with students. http://www.mandarinclub.net/ Lots of options out there, but this one has worked out well for me.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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