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    Hi guys,

    I’m busy moving apartments and need to find a truck to move a relatively small refrigerator and a few other small things. The only one that I found asked 350RMB plus an extra 50RMB for every 10m the truck had to park away from the door of each apartment. That sounds a little insane to me considering a taxi between the apartments only costs 10RMB.

    The fridge is pretty light and when it was delivered it was carried in by one delivery guy. The other things would be a small water dispenser and a box or two of odds and ends and I’m happy to carry it all myself, I just need a vehicle to take it between the apartments. One is in Tongzilin and the new apartment is near the 金融城 metro station.

    Does anybody know who I can contact for a reasonable price?

    Avatar photoVincent

    I used ANT moving company when I changed apartments, and their smallest truck was something around 200RMB including 3 guys who moved literally every single thing (boxes, chairs, tv, bicycles, scooter, random crap) from inside my old apartment into the new one. I do believe there was a small surcharge for TV’s over 42″ or something.

    If it’s really not a lot of stuff and you want to save money, there’s always a ton of people hanging around at the exit of IKEA trying to help people to move their stuff. Last time I paid 50RMB to get home with my load. I guess if you take a Chinese friend you might be able to get it done for 100-150 (considering you have to guide them to your house and then start moving, which will take a lot more time). They probably won’t help you bring it upstairs, though.

    Avatar photoCharlie

    I would use a moving company like Ant, which Vincent suggested. Just have them move everything you have, including the refrigerator.

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    I would go with the IKEA recommendation previously mentioned. I had them deliver items from IKEA to an area near the Chengdu Technological College for 100 RMB.

    Tip: Should you go this route and your not riding in the same vehicle as your belongings ensure to take a photo of their I.D./Drivers License, this way they will make it to your destination.

    Avatar photoChris Ziich

    I have a contact with a truck. Reliable. Speaks some English. Not sure of his rate, but probably negotiable. He’s helped other foreigners move before.

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