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    Avatar photoJennaBG

    Any update on things happening in Chengdu on NYE? I’m now definitely going to be around. I’ve checked The Bookworm’s website, but they haven’t mentioned anything yet.

    Avatar photoCharlie

    Basically every nightclub is hosting some kind of event. I wouldn’t expect much to be happening at the Bookworm, since it is a bookshop and cafe/restaurant. In general NYE is not a huge event in China like it is in the West. I would recommend hitting up a club or bar if you are looking for a party.

    Avatar photoJennaBG

    We’re not really clubbers. Are any bats, restaurants or hotels doing anything? I know it’s not a Chinese holiday, but plenty of places offered Christmas parties and I wondered if it was the same for NYE.



    Avatar photoryansung

    Well, it’s not a big day to Chinese like me. I think the best choice will be watching IMAX movie. Else, there are many hostels may hold gathering or parties, look around then.

    Avatar photoJennaBG

    A colleague just sent me a huge list of bars, restaurants and hotels that are holding parties, so it’s all sorted. Thank you 😊

    Avatar photoDieter

    ChengduBeer weekly makes “Upcoming Events” overviews, and have special posts for celebrations like Valentine, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgivings, New Year, etc.

    Can add their WeChat: chengdubeer

    Here’s another post:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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