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    Avatar photoCharlie

    New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and we’re celebrating at the Pug. We hope you join us!

    Here’s what we have going on Monday the 31st:

      Full menu til 9pm

      All-you-can drink red/white wine and appetizers from 9pm-midnight for 250 rmb

    Drink Specials All-Night

      Fresh Mint Mojitos 20 yuan

      Eggnog Martinis 35 yuan

      Rum and Coke 20 yuan

      Fresh OJ Screwdriver 30 yuan

      Corona 20 yuan

      Lao Beer 18 yuan

      Stoli Vodka/Jose Cuervo Shots 15 yuan

    …..and a lot more!

    ALL 80’s music ALL night.

    See you on the 31st,

    The Lazy Pug

    PS: Here’s how you can find us: directions to The Lazy Pug

    Avatar photopiano tuna

    only 80s music…… what the hell kind of party is this

    Avatar photoJerryS

    It’s a themed party. It’s optional to dress up, last time they did this, it was great seeing people kick back into the 80’s theme.

    Avatar photoCharlie
    only 80s music…… what the hell kind of party is this

    The best part about the 80’s was that it took itself so seriously.

    I will just request Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins now.

    Avatar photoRay

    Oh man, Kenny Loggins, AKA The Logg. Haven’t heard The Logg in many a year, but apparently The Logg still has quite a following. Was gonna spend NYE counting down the clock at home, but if the Pugs can guarrantee that The Logg gets some airplay, i may venture out….80’s wasn’t all bad.

    Avatar photoDana Kaufman

    Mr. Loggins will most definitely get some play time. Footloose. Nothing like dancing to that song without a care in the world.

    Ray please do join us!

    The Pug will be closing from January 1st until Feb. 18th. We will re-open on the 19th. We will miss Chengdu, Piano Tuna and Rick in China.

    Happy 2013 and, once again, thank you to those that made our 2012 fun and successful! We do appreciate the support. And to those of you with constant criticisms and undeserved comments…we love you too!

    The Pugs

    Avatar photoJerryS

    YIPEE! HUMMUS AND NACHOS ALL NIGHT LONG! Unless they have bread and butter, now that’s some good appraiser!

    Avatar photoJerryS


    Avatar photoYufeng Cai

    phewww i missed this, I think I was hanging around the street on new years night.

    Avatar photoCharlie

    I missed this also, I was sick on new years eve. Fortunately Dana played Danger Zone by “The Logg” when I came on Sunday for brunch. Yessss!!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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