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    Kim Duistermaat

    For professional reasons I am searching for a workshop where people make pottery, in or near Chengdu. Preferably a traditional workshop, but even an industrial place or an artist’s atelier would do. I do see people with ceramic pots on the street, selling sweet potatos, or baijiu, but my Chinese is not enough to ask them where they got their pots. Did any of you come across such a place, or knows somebody who might know? Thanks! Kim

    Brave ChengduBrave Chengdu

    hey Kim, I’m not sure if this is what you want, but as no-one else came up with anything:

    I understand there is a pottery making area around GuiHua Town:


    of course it’s not downtown but probably an hour or two away. The guy I was chatting with wanted us to take a tour with him, I didn’t take him up on it at the time.

    But he seemed to think he knew lots about it and had good english. PM if you want his contact details.

    Kim Duistermaat

    For anyone interested in this subject an update, we found a workshop! Yesterday I visited the TongZhi dragon kiln in Yongxingzhen, south of Chengdu. A very interesting place, they make a large variety of pottery with different techniques and still fire in the typical dragon kilns. You can also go there (alone or with a (school) group) to try to make your own pottery, decorate porcelain vases (specially made for this purpose only), or just to watch the experts shape and fire their pots. PM me if you are interested in the details.

    We contacted the GuiHua town workshops but they were very reluctant and seemed not to be interested in a visit from us.


    Hey man! I’m pretty new here. My wife and I would like to try a pottery class. Is it still available? Please let me know. Thank you!


    Hey! I have some friends coming into town in a few weeks and this might be a cool activity for us. Do you mind PMing me the details (address, price, any other important info I should know, etc.). Thanks so much!


    Will someone please message me (or reply to this thread) the details for Tongzhi Dragon Kiln in Yongxingzhen. I would really like to tour their Studio this weekend and maybe even participate in a workshop.

    Please and Thank you


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