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    Avatar photoH.Linc

    Next Thursday, September 12
    8:30 onwards

    Thursday is the new Friday, so saddle up and get your Pub Crawl on. Several bars around town have agreed to give half-price (or better) drink deals to pub crawlettes. Newcomers to Chengdu, please join! Sign up by calling/texting/emailing me: [email protected] 18508103372. Entry fee only 20 kuai per person, to help pay for the bus. 😉

    Sponsored by my company (Duvel-Moortgat, a Belgian beer company that produces such beers as Duvel, Vedett, Maredsous, Delirium, etc. etc.). So be ready for a lot of free and half-price high-end Belgian beer to be coming your way.

    Avatar photoCharlie

    Which bars are you planning on hitting?

    Thursday night there are margarita specials at Cakey Butta and the sangria night at the Living Room.

    Avatar photoH.Linc

    The list is not finalized yet. 🙂 But there will be some Chengdu “classics” as well as at least one bar that is not typically frequented by the expat community. I’ll post a list next week.


    Avatar photoAndrewD

    Cool! I should be in Chengdu by this time. Email sent! Looking forward to it.

    Avatar photoRay

    Yeah the crucial thing is which bars. Even at half price, you could still spend more than at places like Machu Picchu or Helen’s. And if Shamrock is one of the bars…..dealbreaker for many! ha ha

    Avatar photoChris Ziich

    And if Shamrock is one of the bars…..dealbreaker for many! ha ha


    nice! previous pub crawls have been really fun and a good way to meet new people.

    Avatar photonico

    Why not do it on a Friday?

    Avatar photoCharlie

    Why not do it on a Friday?

    Good question. Every time I’ve participated in a bar crawl in Chengdu it’s ended with all of us getting pretty drunk.

    Avatar photoH.Linc

    Addressing the questions:

    Everyone participating will get a free Belgian beer (or two), for the road. In addition to this hand-out, there will be deals at bars as decided by the bar — most are around half-price drinks.

    There will be 5-6 bars visited. There will be at least 2 “classic” Chengdu expat bars, 2 newish, nicer Chinese bars, and one more. The list is not finalized, but that’s the basic run-down.

    It is on a Thursday night because Friday nights bars get very crowded, and some of the participating bars did not think they could keep up with an extra-large crowd on Friday.

    There will be more pub crawls in the future, especially if this one goes well. Next time it can be done on a Friday include less busy bars. This time it is on a Thursday.

    Avatar photoRick in China

    Thursday pub crawls = I’m out. For the same reason many here will be out: work Friday morning.

    It’s kind of an interesting self-fulfilling prophecy – if you pick a predicted ‘slow’ night, there’s a reason it’s a slow night, and the chances of success for the event are much lower..meaning it may not be continued. If you pick a busy night, again there’s a reason more people are out that night, it will much more likely be a success hence happen again..just that it poses additional challenge in making the actual event a success once everyone shows up. Curious how this one turns out 🙂

    Avatar photoH.Linc

    Thank you for all the interest in this event.

    Here is a list of bars in order:

    The Belgian Monk (side-arm to the Underground)
    Green Light 绿光
    印象 Impression

    All bars are giving either free Belgian beer or half-price; no beer more than 25 yuan. Join up for a bit of fun. If there are any more questions, you can contact me directly through the info provided in the original post. Cheers!

    Avatar photoBrave Chengdu

    Sounds like fun chance to try some good beer and new bars.
    I’m in for sure. I know a few friends are too.

    Avatar photoH.Linc

    Shockingly … only a couple of tickets left. If you had wanted to do the pub crawl but haven’t gotten around to emailing me yet, now is the time to do it: [email protected]

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