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    Hi everyone,

    I just arrived in Chengdu a week ago, following my wife who’s got a new position here.

    We’re originally from Shenyang (me from France, but spent 6 years in Shenyang), and I am considering moving my recording studio to Chengdu.

    What are you thoughts about it?

    Is there a need for a new recording studio?

    Is the musicians community is as big as I guess due to my few visits in bars and due to what I’ve heard about it?

    I am doing my own researches, but I’d like to have inputs from people already settled down here.

    Thanks a lot.



    Avatar photogojira

    Sounds interesting, I’d wait for @charlie’s insights. Do you have any website or WeChat OA?

    Avatar photobornloud

    Thanks for your reply.
    Nice meeting you.

    Wx: vincetelecaster


    Avatar photoCharlie

    We’re able to run your studio successfully in Shenyang? If so I think you can do it in Chengdu, since Chengdu is a bigger city and has much more of a reputation as a city of music and creative culture. Ordinarily for a foreigner I’d say it’s very risky because managing a business as a foreigner in China is a complicated challenge (we have a podcast episode on this subject).

    Hopefully you gained some useful experience and insight in running your studio in Shenyang and can bring that to Chengdu! Good luck.

    Avatar photobornloud

    Thanks Charlie for your feedback.

    Yep running a business in China can be (usually is I should say) tricky and painful. I am aware about it trust me haha.

    But always good to get a reminder ;o)

    My question was more about the music scene, as for instance I lived for 3 months in Dali, and before getting there I’ve been told it was an amazing city for musicians. Trust me, I explored from regular places to underground ones…. it is not… at least not anymore… I wouldn’t open a studio there…

    I am brand new here but I’ve got the impression that Chengdu is really a good spot for that.

    I keep doing my researches and meet people, but just wanted to get the overall impression from people already here.

    Thanks a lot!

    Avatar photoCharlie

    Dali has gone back to being a sleep, seasonal tourist village from what I can tell. Chengdu is a bustling mega-city, there is no shortage of potential customers or patrons.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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