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    Avatar photoGennina

    Hello Everyone,

    I’m trying to bring my dog with me back home to LA. He can’t stay here cause no one has the time to take care of him and train him properly so travel he must.

    If anyone has any notable pet movers or even a contact number for someone that could help me process the paperwork needed for him to travel abroad. If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated!



    Avatar photoDan

    Hey Gennina! I did it through Globy Pet Relocations back in 2012 and they were super helpful and professional. If cost isn’t a factor, they are the way to go.

    Doing a bit of research, I found out that Ruby – the girl at Globy who was our point person throughout the process – is now working at Petcare Movers. Ruby was really great to work with and so if Globy Pet Relocations isn’t working for you, I would check out Petcare Movers.

    Good luck getting your pooch back home!

    Avatar photoVincent

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