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    Avatar photoGfreeze1

    Hey Chengdu expats, I’m moving to Wuhou soon and was wondering if anyone familiar with the area could offer up some tips as to where exactly I can start my apartment hunt based on my description below.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    Location:  Just outside second ring road, near SWUFE line 4 metro station, but also near Shuangnan residential area as this is where my work is.  Preferable if in a quiet/local neighborhood (majiang, hotpot, tea, etc)

    Apartment feature:

    rent 2000 or less

    1 or 2 bedroom

    basic furniture

    basic appliances (washing machine, air conditioner(s) etc.)

    Windows provide decent natural lighting

    Western toilet

    Walking distance to a gym and grocery store

    Thanks 🙂


    Avatar photoAndy.liu

    Hey, how are you ?

    I‘m a real estate agent and i have some information of flats around SWUFE , if you want, you could add my Wechat: lzh1993111.

    Avatar photoCharlie

    We have a post published about this which may be helpful: 5 Tips for Finding an Apartment in Chengdu. There are also tons of forum posts about apartment seeking, you might want to search here also. Good luck!

    Avatar photoGfreeze1

    Yea that article is great, that’s what gave me the idea to post this in the first place.  Thanks man 🙂

    Avatar photoChris Ziich

    Found my current awesome apartment on

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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