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    Does anyone know a travel agent to book a flight ticket? I want to go to Jakarta with silkair from chengdu. It is a shame that the silk air office here in chengdu cannot issue a ticket, they only sell it via an agent. Any info will be appriciated. thanks a lot.


    If you can’t book it online, pretty much all of the travel agents in Chengdu will offer you the same price, from what I’ve gathered. There are a bunch of them in a row on Renmin Nanlu just north of the river, near the Jinjiang Hotel.


    hi Charlie,

    thanks a lot for the info. I will go there.

    Have a good day.


    Yeah, times have changed and travel agents have become alot more competitive (they have to, websites like expedia will kill them). I just got a ticket to shenzhen. Walked in to first travel agent, told him the price on elong, and he matched it. but the websites occasionally have crazy low unbelievable fares that shops can’t match, but you gotta be quick on the click!


    I always wanted to have a travel agent.

    Sounds so good in conversation:

    “I have to talk to my travel agent about this …”

    “My travel agent told me that …”

    James Vicky

    Chengdu is a beautiful place. It is a fairly large city without the HEAVY HEAVY pollution of Shanghai or Beijing. (Nightlife isn’t as good thoiugh) You will have some difficulty finding people who speak English though.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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