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    Avatar photoAmason

    I am considering visiting the UK for a short period of time and would like some advice on using Chinese debit cards in UK cash point machines (ATM).

    I would like to use my banks cards which have Unionpay in the UK but heard that UK machines only accept a 4 digit pin whereas Chinese cards have 6 digits, so does anyone have any insight on this or how to get round this?

    Any info would be great thanks.

    Avatar photoRay

    In some countries that use 4 digits if you just input the first 4 digits of your your 6 digit pin this will work. Also dont forget to make sure that your bank unlocks the card for overseas use. This gave me a world of trouble a few years ago…

    Avatar photoIona

    I’ve used my Union pay cards in the UK without any problems. I can’t remember off had, but think I entered 6 digits (if not, then I guess the first 4). Basically, I’ve had no issues using my Unionpay cards in the UK.

    Avatar photoCharlie

    Your card should work overseas without issue, just look for the Unionpay logo. It looks like UnionPay cards will work at any ATM which support the LINK network, check out this link: UnionPay ATM Acceptance in the UK

    edit: just found this link which is extremely useful: China Unionpay Use Abroad

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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