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    Avatar photoVivianlu

    Why do you choose to live in Chengdu?

    What attract you here? Food? Work opportunities? Lower living pressure? Friendly people? Or because it is the place where you were born and raised?

    Avatar photoshinichi

    You pretty much listed my five favorite reasons!

    Avatar photoRick in China

    I literally picked it from what appeared to be about the centre of the map of China, and I suppose there have been a series of things keeping me here at each potential exit opportunity.. that being said – it used to be much better than it is now imo, and am actively working on an exit plan 😀

    Avatar photoCharlie

    To me it’s the combination of the small-town feel of Chengdu along with its big-city opportunities. It feels less like a small city now than it used to but Chengdu still has a unique lifestyle, which I prefer to Shanghai or Beijing. The rate of growth is one of my favorite things. Each year there are big new developments and the rest of the world, by comparison, feels like it’s in slow motion.

    Avatar photoratatoee

    I Come here for Work Purpose October  Last here to Opening  a new 5* Hotel in chengdu at Global center ! so far nice city , friendly peoples, laid back a lot ^^ a bit much haha food is great , Women are very pretty here ^__^ and of course income earning and low cost of living here make a attractive life only thing here it’s Sun !! not at all ^^

    Avatar photoKerong Chen

    After sending more than half a year in US, I realize it is impossible to fully enjoy my life without Chengdu food and Chengdu night life. Cannot wait to go back to Chengdu for my summer holiday!!!!!!

    Avatar photoVivianlu

    Thank you all for sharing your feeling and thoughts.


    Avatar photoChris Ziich

    I came here for 鱿鱼烧烤

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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