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    Major Duties and Responsibilities

    Before PST:

    •Reads all relevant program documentation, project plan, prior PST reports, training design guidance, trainee assessment guidance, Peace Corps TEFL Core Curriculum, and Peace Corps policies and procedures regarding Volunteer/Trainee grounds for termination, standards of conduct/behavior, and selection criteria for becoming a Volunteer.

    •Meets with the Training Manager and Director of Programming and Training (DPT), and PTU in order to develop a thorough knowledge of the project plan. Analyzes Volunteer Assignment Description (VAD), Pre-Training Questionnaires (PTQs), resumes, and aspiration statements of Trainees, and reviews and adapts the technical training design to reflect Trainee needs.

    •Attends and participates in all pre-PST planning meetings and activities including full and active involvement and facilitation of sessions in the Training of Trainers (TOT) Workshop, led by the Training Manager. Participates in a technical TOT by becoming acquainted with the overall statement of work, learns and adopts training methodology and adult training styles, becomes familiar with short and long term training schedules, and provides feedback to Training Manager on training design.

    •Attends briefing sessions with Country Director, DPT, Programming Staff, Training Manager, Language Cross-Cultural Coordinator and Site Managers.

    •Understand Peace Corps China’s Training Design and Evaluation (TDE) system.

    •Works closely with the Training Manager and Program Managers to refine objectives, create session plans, and define measurement criteria and tools for the technical component. The technical training designs and competencies are based on the overall objectives of the project plan. Follows principles of hands-on experiential learning in designing technical training and uses the approved session design format and reporting procedure.

    •Collaborates fully with Training Manager, Language Cross-Cultural Coordinator, as well as the PCMO, to ensure the integration of the technical component with other components and with the overall goals of the training program.

    •Collaborates with the DPT, and Training Manager in the final preparation of the training design and Calendar of Training Events (COTE).

    •Collaborates with the Training Manager, Training Assistant, and Site Managers to assure the training sites are prepared for the arrival of the Trainees.

    •With the DPT and PTU, identifies Resource Volunteers and appropriate sessions for RV facilitation.

    •Liaises with local community officials, leaders, and resource persons at the chosen training sites to ensure full cooperation and collaboration.

    During PST:

    •Works as a member of the PST team and is willing to work long hours while maintaining a positive and constructive attitude and by maintaining a high level of motivation, seriousness, and preparedness in training.

    •Fosters and maintains positive relationships, a spirit of cooperation, and teamwork with all PST staff and Trainees.

    •Coordinates with Training Manager, Training Assistant and support staff regarding the daily logistical operations of the training site. Submits to the Training Manager all needs for the technical component well in advance of planned sessions or activities.

    •Effectively utilizes the CBT model to design a technical training component that promotes self-directed, experiential learning activities in the training community. Makes full use of community resources and ensures that training activities are relevant and practical.

    •Monitors all technical training activities that take place at the training sites. Acts as lead facilitator at one training site for technical sessions and ensures quality, on-going learning in the technical area.

    •Designs, implements, and evaluates an extensive, hands-on teaching practicum (Model School) in local universities. Provides Trainees the opportunity to apply newly gained knowledge and skills in the Chinese classroom setting.

    •Assists Trainees to collaborate effectively with their Chinese Counterparts. Guides them in positive and productive collaboration approaches.

    •Documents all guest speakers’ sessions (including materials/handouts, as well as an evaluation of the presentation). Recommends speakers for future use in Peace Corps training events.

    •Works with TM on evaluation systems and Trainee assessment processes. Provides Trainees with specific feedback on their performance and progress within the technical component on a regular and timely basis.

    •Participates in regular PST staff meetings to evaluate progress of the training program and discuss Trainees’ morale and progress within the technical component.

    •Maintains positive public relations with local community leaders and resource persons.

    •Follows all reporting procedures and submits weekly and other regular reports to the Training Manager.

    •Is a model of cultural integration, and is respectful of local customs by representing Peace Corps in a positive manner on all occasions, and respecting the productive relationship already established by post and its staff.

    After conclusion of technical training:

    •Facilitates debriefing sessions with core training staff as well as the DPT and Country Director.

    •Provides Country Director, DPT and Training Manager with a final technical report based on Trainee and staff evaluations, which includes recommendations for future training programs. An outline of the final report format will be provided in country.

    •Prepares and submits a final PST technical report following an established format to the DPT and Training Manager. The final report will include the objectives for the TEFL program, all training materials and resources used, and recommendations for future TOTs and PSTs. Includes assessments of any technical assistants, guest presenters, and local contacts assisting with the training with recommendations for future use. Submits final copies to Country Director, DPT, and Country Desk Unit.

    •Submits contractor performance evaluation form, MS 735. Submits all other necessary final voucher/closeout documents for final payment as listed at the end of the SOW.

    in reply to: Seeking Peace Corps China Technical Trainer #28456

    Minimum qualifications:

    •Prior experience as a TEFL Trainer or overseas training experience in China

    •Ability to work within a cross-cultural team which includes American and Chinese staff

    •Keen knowledge of student-centered learning approaches and TEFL methodology

    •One or two years’ experience in direct classroom teaching in China.

    •Bachelor’s degree in TEFL/TESOL, Education, or other related field

    •Native English speaker

    Desired Qualifications:

    •More than three years’ experience in designing and delivering teacher training courses

    •Demonstrated skills in collaborating with host country national staff in designing and carrying out training programs

    •Understanding of current education reform in China

    •An advanced degree in TEFL/TESOL, Education, Training, or other related field

    •Working and living experience in China and/or the region, basic knowledge of the Chinese language

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