Qingyang Temple

Qing Yang Temple is one of the largest Daoist Temples in China and one of the first 21 Daoist Temples allowed to reopen by the government in 1983.

The temple was first built in the Zhou Dynasty (1040BC – 221BC) and expanded after the Daoists gave the Tang Emperor refuge during the Huangchao Rebellion. The temple grounds are quietly busy and there are often nuns and monks training at the Two Immortals Monastery toward the back of the temple. Two Immortals Monastery is the only Daoist monastery in southwest China authorized to certify Daoist training, initiations and the passing of lineage. There is a small teahouse on the left hand side and the ticket counter sells CD’s of the Qing Yang Temple Daoist Orchestra for 15 yuan.


Hours: 8am – 6pm
Tickets: 5 yuan
Location: Intersection of First Ring Road West and Qing Yang Zheng Street

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