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Portrait of a Chengdu Artist: He Duoling

He Duoling, Chengdu local and co-founder of China’s infamous “Scar Art” movement, is not a surrealist. But he is widely regarded as one of China’s greatest living masters of realism and is creating incredible pieces in Chengdu’s artist sanctuary He Tang Yuese.

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Portrait of a Chengdu artist: Luo Fahui

Luo Fahui is a painter who started out in a leaky hovel during the 1960s and now lives and works in a beautiful home outside of Chengdu. We take a look at his work, his home and listen to what his contemporaries have to say about Luo’s erotically charged painting.

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Chengdu “Wall Lords” Graffiti Event in Photos

Last Saturday I attended the Wall Lords graffiti battle in Chengdu, spending the afternoon watching incredible graffiti murals materialize in front of me. For Chengdu’s humble street art scene, this is the stuff of dreams. These are my photos.

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Chengdu Stories: Interview with Chengdu’s Most Prolific Graffiti Artist, Gas

I’ve been seeing a graffiti tag appear with ever greater frequency over the past year and I wonder: who’s doing this? I found out and interviewed him. Hear his story and check out his artwork inside.

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Chengdu’s Eclectic Art & Antique Market

Chengdu’s antique bazaar reveals a society of starving artists and hucksters, antique buffs and collectors, scam artists and thieves and the occasional wandering nomad carving Tang poems onto Myanmar jadeite. This is a site not to miss in Chengdu.

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