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Measuring PM2.5 for 200rmb: the SamoAir Review

Can a digital particle measuring device available for less than 200rmb really be worth your time? For the price, this thing is pretty amazing.

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Open Data

Opening Data in Chengdu For All

I came to Chengdu where I worked on Open Data for a major American city. I hope to continue my work in Chengdu – here’s why.

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Apple China

Apple Set to Conquer Chengdu

After years of speculation, Apple advances further into China with the opening of it’s first official Apple Store in Western China. Right here in Chengdu.

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Why You Should Join Tom Cruise & Bill Gates on Weibo

There’s a titanic shift happening on the Chinese internet right now. It’s time to see what this Weibo talk is all about and how it can benefit you.

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Buying a Playstation 3 in Chengdu

Now that the Playstation 3 has been hacked, it’s flying off store shelves in Chengdu. I decided to pick one up recently and see what it’s all about. Whether you’re into games or movies, here’s what you need to know before getting one for yourself.

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How to Call Friends and Family Overseas for Free

I remember buying international phone cards to call overseas when I first arrived in China. It was slow and annoying. Fortunately, there’s a much better way that might even be free for you.

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How to Read Chinese Characters Without Learning Them: Pleco OCR

Ever wanted to read Chinese without actually taking the time to learn it? This is the tool for you. Hope you have or are planning on getting an iPhone.

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Chengdu’s Spy Network

A report released Monday called Shadows in the Cloud implicates a spy network called “GhostNet” based out of Chengdu, in a year-long cyber-espionage campaign. Security agencies across the world are now focused on this gang of hackers who operate out of the city we live in.

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Google Buzz and China

Two days ago, Google announced a new product called Buzz which competes with Facebook and Twitter. With it’s competition blocked in China, the door appears to be wide open for Google to strike, but what risks lie ahead for Google and its latest platform?

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Why Registering a .CN Address Really Sucks

When the .com you want isn’t available, you’ll have to settle for something else. If you’ve ever thought about registering a .cn address for something China related, you should know why registering a .cn address really sucks.

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