The Sights and Spectacle of Chengdu’s Arena Dance Competition

Last weekend dance teams from around the world converged upon Chengdu’s Sichuan Provincial Stdium to compete in the fifth annual Arena Dance Competition. Co-hosted by Chengdu-based dance studio Sinostage, the event was as much of a grand spectacle as loyal fans of the competition have come to expect.

If you aren’t familiar with Sinostage or Arena, check out our podcast with Sinostage co-founder Eli Sweet, check out this episode of the Chengdu Living podcast recorded on the subject of the dance studio: Inside the Sinostage Dance Studio. We’ll get an update on Sinostage and Arena in the form of a new podcast which is coming soon.

Photos from Arena 2019 Dance Competition

Click or tap on any of the photos below to view a larger version. At the bottom of the photo gallery is a video of one of the performances from Arena, and you can find many more on their official Youtube channel which is linked below.

Zaha Airman Performance Video


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