Podcast Ep. #2: Nationality, Music Festivals & Bike Thieves

Sascha, Eli and Charlie recently sat down and recorded the second Chengdu Living Podcast wherein we discuss the concept of nationality in China, music festivals, and bicycle thieves. More information on those topics:

  1. Nationality, dual citizenship and birth rights of Chinese people (Read that post, one of a series, if you haven’t already: Raising a Child in Chengdu: Nationality). We specifically discuss the situation of Sascha’s recently-born child who’s a China-born US citizen. We illuminate questions like what’s required to attain Chinese citizenship, whether or not dual citizenship is possible and the in’s and out’s of the hukou (the all-important document that all Chinese citizens posess).
  2. Zebra Music Festival. Charlie performed there and describes what performing at and attending the festival was like. Over three days the festival attracted tens of thousands of visitors from all over with three stages of music.
  3. The second-hand bicycle market and bicycle thieves. All of us (like many of you) have had our bicycles stolen. We recount some of the experiences we’ve had and the lessons we learned from them. Eli has a particularly racy story that he shares which happened recently involving an encounter with a would-be thief. And a bonus: click here to see the video of a civilian thwart a thief on an e-bike that we discuss in the podcast. It’s on Youtube, so you’ll need a proxy if you’re in China.

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