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@Charlie, funny you mentioned about dancing. Was at Hooters (first time ever) Sat night.. Their dancing is… yea…. Has no soul to it. China has long ways to go before they get their funk. Japan is almost there and so is Korea.

Exactly. Hooters has some of the deadest dancers around. They’re dancing to Donna Summers as if there’s a gun to their head.

Ill put that on my do not tread shit list. Currently, it’s only 3, Jelly, Pan Am and Shamrock.

I’m with you, man. Chengdu doesn’t have good clubs, but there are good bars.

The entire club business model is just different

Clubs in China are all about face. Spending money to impress people and being in a club because they think it’s the cool thing to do. Ideally with foreign DJ’s, MC’s, and dancers, usually African and Russian. It’s not about music, dancing, or meeting people at all. Which is what most clubs in the West are all about.