How to Call Friends and Family Overseas for Free

I remember buying international phone cards to call overseas when I first arrived in China. It was slow and annoying. Fortunately, there’s a much better way that might even be free for you.

Satellite TV in China: Everybody’s Doing It, Why Aren’t You?

Watching foreign satellite TV is illegal in China, unless you’re a major hotel that jumps through hoops. But the reality is that millions of people are watching HBO in China right now and hundreds of companies are hungry to hook you up.

Why You Should Break Out of Your Culinary Comfort Zone

It’s easy to get stuck ordering and eating the same dishes over and over again, but it’s important that you not let that happen. Here’s how you can prevent yourself from falling into the trap that we spring on ourselves.

Watching the World Cup at the Local Spa

As in the past, I decided to watch the World Cup, at 2am, at a local spa while getting my feet rubbed. In this post I’ll share a bit about China’s spa culture and explain why this is a great place to relax while watching the World Cup or any sporting event.

Raising a Child In Chengdu: Nationality

Although it’s illegal for Chinese citizens to hold another passport, the flexibility of China allows for parents of mixed-heritage children to entertain the idea of dual-citizenship. In this most recent addition to the series, we take a look at requirements and possibilities for passports, visas and hukous.

Getting a Business Visa in Hong Kong

After spending a year within Mainland China on a twice-extended business visa, I was recently informed that I had to leave the country and re-enter with a new visa. For many people, this means a trip to Hong Kong. Now that my latest visa run in Hong Kong is complete, I’m ready to share what I’ve gone through on this trip and look at how the process has changed over the years.