Marijuana in China

Marijuana in China

You could always count on a passive indifference to marijuana smoking in China from the authorities, but that attitude may be changing. Internet dealers have come to the attention of the Chinese media.

Best of 2012

Chengdu Living’s Best of 2012

A recap of the most talked-about and well-loved stories on Chengdu Living in 2012, including a best-of list of forum posts.

Chengdu Travel Videos: Mind, Body, and Spirit

Last fall I spent six weeks working with a video production crew to tell the story of Chengdu. We ended up with three shorts: Mind, Body and Spirit, that present an inspiring picture of Chengdu’s culture, people and traditions.

Chengdu Stories: Interview with Jamie, Jiu Jitsu Trainer

Kung Fu dominates martial arts in Chengdu, but there is a small band of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners in the city. I met with Jamie and he demonstrated chokes on me before politely answering my questions.