Yang Mian’s Art

Yang Mian is one of Chengdu’s most successful artists. His work explores boundaries between reality and illusion, perspectives and standards – interrogating and challenging concepts we all take for granted. We take a closer look in this essay.

Tang Wugang: The Armory of an Artist

Tang Wu Gang is a young, up and coming artist with a unique style and a flair for armor, oil and good smokes. We take a closer work at the man and his art in this latest installment of Chengdu Artists

Portrait of a Chengdu artist: Luo Fahui

Luo Fahui is a painter who started out in a leaky hovel during the 1960s and now lives and works in a beautiful home outside of Chengdu. We take a look at his work, his home and listen to what his contemporaries have to say about Luo’s erotically charged painting.